OMG, Huda Beauty just released new lip products and they're encrusted with diamonds

Could the packaging get *any* prettier?!
OMG, Huda Beauty just released new lip products and they're encrusted with diamonds

As if we weren't already obsessing over Wishful Skin's latest releases, Huda Kattan's just gone and released another beauty product! And this time, it's all about the lips

Last night, Huda Beauty surprised us all on Instagram with a new make-up release: Diamond Balms. These lippies may deffo look like the most aesthetic and sparkly metallic lippies, but their main focus is actually to keep your lips hydrated. The lipsticks come in gorgeous white holographic packaging, and aim to give you that subtle (but sultry) shine to your lips. 

The Diamond Lip Balm's are infused with the appearance of diamond dust and a mix of ingredients including Mango Butter extract. This helps to soften the skin, and leave your lips feeling supple. So far, there are a range of 6 shades to choose from - nudes, pinks,  and even reddish-purples are included. 

Huda's favourite shade is 'Negligee', a signature brown-beige that would work for an every-day look. You can even use these balms as lip toppers to use after putting on other fave lippies. The layering of these Diamond Lip Balms will add that little bit of sparkle that you need to spruce up your make-up look

Worried about if these shades will suit your skin tone? There's no need. Because the Diamond Balms give a glossy effect, you can't really go wrong with mismatching these shades to your skin tone. 

Huda has even partnered with Beauty United, an organisation that donates and responds to the COVID-19 crisis, to contribute 2000 pieces of these Diamond Balms to doctors and frontliners to keep their lips hydrated, and make them feel special. We love beauty with a cause!

The balms currently retail at Dhs106 and can be found online at

These beauties have just become available, so you'll want to get your hands on them before they sell out! 

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