Huda Beauty just donated Dhs1.8 million to NAACP

Huda Beauty just donated Dhs1.8 million to NAACP
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Black Lives Matter

The world is in a state of mourning and outrage after the murder of George Floyd in broad daylight by a US policer officer last week. To show their solidarity against racism, people across the globe flooded Instagram with black squares on #BlackOutTuesday.

There has been a push to ensure that the world understands that a post on Instagram, although positive, also requires extensive activism in the off-line world. It is no longer acceptable to be passive or silent on such a subject. We must be active in this fight.

From donating, if possible, to signing petitions calling for justice and action, there is something that every one can do to help in this battle.

Huda Beauty have stood against racism and donated a huge $500,000 (Dhs1.8 million) to the NAACP, a non-profit grassroots-based civil rights organisation, fighting for equality throughout all aspects of life.

Huda Beauty, Mona and Huda have all used their huge social media platforms for their voice of activism, encouraging education and resilience against racism.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic Huda and Mona have forgone their salaries, donated to those in need, took part in a 24-hour charity event and donated $150,000 to Doctor’s Without Borders.

True Queens!