We're obsessed with this all-female MENA gaming team

They're the Middle East's *first* female esports team
We're obsessed with this all-female MENA gaming team
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The gaming industry in the UAE is growing rapidly everyday, especially with the latest developments in Esports. It was only early this year when the first GirlGamer event was hosted in the UAE. This weekend-long event of gaming, cosplay, concerts and all sorts of fun held the GirlGamer World Finals where competitive gamers played CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive) and LOL (League of Legends) for prize money.

And we're not just talking about any kind of prize money, we mean $100,000 AKA Dhs367,320.

Prior to this, the UAE didn't have an Emirati team that existed to play. That's until 'Galaxy Racer' was created.

An all-girl team of young, capable players from the Middle East came together to competitively play, and the rest is history. Now, Galaxy Racer is the Middle East's first female esports team - and they're just getting started! 

Galaxy Racer is made up of 5 talents including: Madiha Naz (Madi XO,) Arwa Hameed (Sylvari Flames,) Reem Faisal (Sins,) Fatima Saif (Rose,) and Amna Raad Alameri (iMoki.)

What's even better is that Team Galaxy Racer doesn't only represent the Middle East, it's players are also multi-cultural. Reem, Fatima and Amna are all Emiratis, Arwa is Iraqi, and their captain Madiha is from Pakistan.

Oh, she's also the first Pakistani female to pursue esports professionally (cajj.)

These girls may be playing games but they are *really* not here to play! 

"GirlGamer was one of the amazing experiences I've had, I never thought that I could reach these heights, especially since I live in quiet coservative culture" says one of the team's players, Fatima AKA "Rose." GirlGamer has definitely given these girls a bigger platform for them to explore their even bigger goals.

And we can't wait to see what's coming from Galaxy Racer next!