Gigi Hadid just revealed her favourite Palestinian food

Warning: extreme hunger may ensue
Gigi Hadid just revealed her favourite Palestinian food
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In today's Twitter news, Gigi Hadid shows some love and support to her part-Palestinian side. The high fashion model took to the social media platform to answer some of her fans questions in a little segment of '#askgigi', which, btw, we're starting a petition to become a regular occurance.

From asking about her next hair change to what she had for breakfast, the random questions came thick and fast. But one of our fave queries to the 24-year-old Hadid was 'favourite Palestinian food?'

She answers, "kibbeh w labneh and tabbouleh ❤️❤️ or just a simple eggs and zaatar breakfast."

Gigi's response caused Twitter to freak out, with a handful of haters clapping back at her claiming that 'Tabbouleh' was Lebanese

The Arabic dishes originate from both Lebanon and Palestine (depending which side of the debate you're own), but either way, it definitely made us hungry. And, tbh, whether you're Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian or Jordanian, it doesn't really matter where the dishes originated from as each and every one of these cultures have shared this Levantine cuisine through the ages.

In other words, people on Twitter need to calm down. 

Gigi gracefully let em' know: 

This isn't the first time a Hadid has shown some love to their Arab side. Gigi's father, Mohamed Hadid, was born in Nazareth, Palestine in 1948 and is often very vocal about his patriotism.