Gigi Hadid Expertly Recovers From A Wardrobe Malfunction At Marc Jacobs

This video is so impressive.
Gigi Hadid Expertly Recovers From A Wardrobe Malfunction At Marc Jacobs

  • Gigi Hadid walked the Marc Jacobs runway at New York Fashion Week barefoot after a wardrobe malfunction with her shoes
  • Gigi was congratulated by the stylist for her professionalism and skill in carrying on without anyone noticing

When Gigi Hadid walked in Marc Jacobs' latest New York Fashion Week show, people were so amazed by her incredible outfit and strut that they didn't notice the model's significant wardrobe malfunction on the runway.

I mean, can you see anything wrong here?

How about heeeere?

Nope? Neither tbh.

But now, days after the event, show stylist Katie Grand has taken to Instagram to reveal exactly what happened backstage moments before Gigi stepped out, praising the model for handling a potentially chaotic situation like a total pro.

Here's the post, featuring with footage of the outfit in question:

"Now there is a little story to go with this clip, in the first opening 'finale' of Marc's show Gigi's heel broke," wrote Katie.

"If you see images from the first passage she has thigh high silver socks and white leather mules, and since we were at the other end of the armoury there wasn't much we could do other than either fake a non broken heel or rip off her socks and shoes and send her out barefoot, which we did, and was all the more natural for it."

Katie went on to praise Gigi's grace and professionalism.

"Gigi and all the people from the show thank you all so much for being so patient, beautiful and inspiring and also Stephen Galloway for your fantastic choreography). Dream a little Dream"

Gigi also made reference to the mishap in an Instagram post following the show, graciously thanking everyone involved:

"Walking in a dream. Thank you so much for including me in one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever seen @marcjacobs (sometimes a lil wardrobe malfunction can lead to the magic moments)".

What a hun, right?


Now, this isn't the first time Gigi's had an issue with her shoes breaking on the runway. If you cast your mind back to New York Fashion Week 2017, Gigi had a very similar scenario when walking the Anna Sui show.

Mid way through the catwalk, Gigi's shoe gave way, leaving the model to rock a 'one shoe on, the other off' look:

Thankfully, sister Bella Hadid was there to save the day, walking the runway while offering a shoulder to lean on (literally):

Props to Gigi for being so profesh. But also, can someone pls triple check her shoes going forward?

H/T Cosmo UK