28 chic Kardashian Jenner homewares you're going to want to see

Including a GOLD BATH
28 chic Kardashian Jenner homewares you're going to want to see
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If there is one thing we can all agree on about the Kardashian-Jenners, it's that their houses are chic AF.

Over the years, fans have copped sneak peeks into the family's lush homes in Calabasas and the Hidden Hills through Keeping up with the Kardashians. No doubt about it, these properties are lit, as are the homewares that fill them.

From Kylie's Louis Vuitton trunks to Kim's sweeping cream couch and Kourtney's obsession with coffee table books, not to mention Kris Jenner's luxe dining sets, the amount of enviable items is endless.

We've scoured the depths of Instagram to round up 28 ridiculously cool interior items in these reality stars' homes to give you some incredibly extra home-spiration. Betcha can't guess who has the gold bath...


Large photo walls 

No Kardashian-Jenner home is complete without a photo wall - a tradition which momager Kris Jenner started in her Calabasas home.


Designer towels 

Why have plain towels when you can have Louis Vuitton?


Designer coffee table books

The eldest Kardashian sister's love of coffee table books knows no bounds, making the chicest home accessories while showing off her eclectic taste.


Selfie mirrors

We're betting the first thing Kenny installed in this room was this mirror, cause y'all know a selfie a day keeps the paparazzi at bay.


Cookie jars

Koko's kookie jars are beyond legendary and have been a staple in her house since her Lamar days. Just check out her perfect arrangement of those Oreos.


Swing beds

What house in Palm Springs isn't complete without a swing bed?


Free standing closets

Perhaps the most luxe of all: Kim's free standing closet. Ahhhh what a life.


Quirky decor additions

Ky posing up a storm at Kourt's house, who is known for her love of quirky the decor. We spy the Elmo figurines in various colours in her book case, adding a playful element to the room.


Golden bath tubs

Out of the entire fam, we would have picked momager Kris Jenner as the golden bath type. But it turns out Kenny takes after her mum, decking out her totally luxe bathroom with this beauty.


Adirondack chairs

These Adirondack wooden chairs remind us of the Hamptons and are classic staple in Khloé's garden.


Louis Vuitton trunks

Of course Kylie has Louis Vuitton trunks just casually sitting in her bedroom as an art installation, would we expect anything less from the makeup mogul?


Mega long fires

Remember when the fam gathered at Kris' Palm Springs home and gathered behind the mega-long fire to celebrate Thanksgiving?


Massive couches

The biggest couch we've ever seen, this masterpiece which Kayne helped design is the perfect backdrop for any photoshoot.


Baby grand pianos

Almost every sister has a baby grand piano in their home - here's hoping for a sister collab soon.


Metallic-trim round mirrors

Is there anything chicer than a round mirror? P.s check out Ky's wine cellar lurking in the background...


Wooden breakfast tables

From family-style breakfasts to studying for her law exams, this wooden table is the center of Kim's Hidden Hills home.


Neon signs

Khloé repurposed her Baby Thompson sign from her baby shower in True's room, which is beyond adorable. Neon signs have become something of a staple in all of the family's homes including Kris, Kylie and Kourtney.


Lucite gold coffee tables

Trust Ky to go all out and have a lucite gold coffee table in her formal living room. Major props for matching her plant to her couture-level orange tulle dress.


Supersize closet mirrors

It wouldn't be a Kardashian closet without a massive mirror to capture every angle and fitting now would it?


Marylin Monroe prints

Ky's house is full of colour, decorating her walls with Andy Warhol's famous pop portraits of Marilyn Monroe. Khloé also has a Russell James picture of the icon in her new home, which used to live in Kris Jenner's kitchen.


Luxe sun recliners

Chilling by the pool on a cream recliner is kind of mandatory in this fam.


Bed sized couches

One thing Bieber and KKW agree on is a HUGE bed sized couch. This one sits in Kim-ye's cinema room.


Cake domes

While Koko may be the queen of the cookie jar, glass domes are just as chic for displaying baked goods.


Artsy coffee tables

Swipe right to see Kourtney's round coffee table, which has become something of a hero piece in her home. The Poosh founder often switches up the decor depending on her mood.


White fluffy blankets

Super luxe, a white fluffy blanket is basically the only thing you need to keep you warm.


Fun prints

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Architectural Digest: My office.

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From Batman to Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, Kourtney ups her office game with some seriously chic prints.


Matching leather chairs

'70s style beige leather arm chairs sit in Kourt's luxe master bedroom for a chic AF element to the space.


Mini bonsai trees

A low wooden table sits in Kylie's foyer decorated with coffee table books and a mini bonsai style tree.

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