Khloe Kardashian makes her own body scrub with two super cheap ingredients

Finally, a Kardashian beauty recommendation we can afford
Khloe Kardashian makes her own body scrub with two super cheap ingredients
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When I think of people who I imagine have smooth skin, Khloe Kardashian is definitely up there.

I just can't imagine her impossibly long legs ever being dry and flaky like mine. In my mind she's reclining in her Calabasas mansion, continually applying boujee body creams.

Turns out though, you don't have to have the bank balance of a Kardashian, to get the smooth skin of one, because Khloe just shared her secret and it consists of two items you can buy in the supermarket.

Don't tell Kris that one of her children promoted a non-branded product whatever you do.

In an article of her website, Poosh, Kourtney asked her sisters and her mum to share their "beauty hacks".

Kim and Kylie gave some less than noteworthy advice: "I love over-lining my lips with a darker lip liner" said Kim. While Kylie made her 'mom' proud and took the opportunity to plug her own brand, "moisturise with body lotion every day - my favourite is my Kylie Skin Body Lotion".

Thankfully, Khloe stepped up to the plate and gave some really solid at home, DIY beauty advice, including everything from mixing your own hair mask, to making your lips look plumper and giving yourself a smoother shave.

Let's start with her homemade body scrub which involves just two ingredients: brown sugar and honey - "a natural and inexpensive exfoliant," explains Khloe

*Raids kitchen cupboards*

For an at-home hair mask, Khloe recommends heating olive, coconut, or avocado oil for about 10 seconds until it's warm (not hot) before coating your hair and wrapping in the Poosh x Aquis Hair Turban. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and shampoo out (she recommends two shampoos to make sure all the oil residue is gone).

Aquis x Poosh Exclusive Leopard Print Hair Turban, Dhs185 at Look Fantastic

Putting her sisters to shame, Khloe continued with the DIY beauty advice, including adding a coupe of peppermint oil drops to your lipgloss for a plumping effect, using coconut oil or hair conditioner to shave and using olive oil or vitamin E as a lash lengthening treatment. It goes without saying, you should test out at home treatments very carefully, and be extra-cautious if you have sensitive skin.

That being said, thank the lord there's one thrifty Kardashian out there.

Via Cosmopolitan UK