Billy Porter's Grammy outfit has become the new viral meme

That fringed hat deserves an AWARD
Billy Porter's Grammy outfit has become the new viral meme
Apparently, Billy's headpiece was partially inspired by Billie Eilish

Billy Porter is known for his unbeleivably extra and gorgeous red carpet outfits. No, sorry - let's correct that to gorgeous works of ART. His appearance at the Grammys this year was probably one of the most iconic moments, as far as Award Shows go.

He did not just come to serve, he slayed, he knocked the ball out of the park, and tbh - his ensemble deserved an entire Grammy in itself.  


The best part of this whole dazzling blue look designed by Baja East? The motorized fringe hat that opened to reveal Billy’s face. His Stylist Sam Ratelle told E! News that he was actually carrying a remote control that opened the hat whenever Billy gave a signal. No, we're not joking.

Obviously, in true Internet fashion, everyone went crazy over Porter's red carpet moment. The memes and relatable captions came flooding through our feeds (and were actually very accurate.)

Here are some examples: 

Don't mind me, I'll just be laughing at these memes for the rest of the day. 

P.S. Where can we purchase one of these iconic hats for ourselves?