Think of making the chop? Here's everything you need to know about getting bangs that, well, bang

The perfect face-framers when done well, but outright soul-destroying when done wrong, we’re sharing the ultimate guide on how to get a flattering fringe
Think of making the chop? Here's everything you need to know about getting bangs that, well, bang
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Covid-19 has brought on a myriad of out-of-the-ordinary behaviours - from obsessive bread breaking to newfound Zoom-quiz obsessions. Our erratic behaviours could perhaps be likened to the response of a really, really bad breakup, and nothing screams the latter quite like the overwhelming urge for a dramatic haircut.

This is how I’m explaining the fact that amid a pandemic media-storm, three weeks before full lockdown, I found myself sitting in a Pastels Salon chair, about to get a hair-overhaul that had been decided upon precisely three hours before. An eleventh-hour decision? Definitely. The outcome? Fantastic. Enter the expert Didi, whose deft hands stopped my rash decision leaving me looking more Willy Wonka then Bridgette Bardot.

After the initial deep-oil treatment and wash came two rounds of irrational tears and plenty of reassuring pats to the back, from the very understanding, very patient Didi (who I can now confidently say is as much of a councillor as she is hair artist), it was time for the chop. While I had come in wanting the blunt-boldness of the Parisian goddesses I had frequently admired on Insta, a consultation with the knowledgable Didi took into account my face shape, hair weight, willingness for daily styling-effort (and total trembling cowardness) means we instead settled on a feathery fringe that would frame my face, as opposed to obscure it. Didi’s expert hands started work but took the length up mere centimetres at a time to avoid going too short (or another subsequent melt-down, from me).

Once we’d settled on a length, the feathering came in. If you're as nervous as I was (before the chop), it’s imperative that your stylist gives your 'do layers, so it sits lightly against your forehead as opposed to a heavily-veiled curtain. The sympathy for my no-fuss hair routine played a big part in the outcome, too. Like most people, mornings are usually spent trying not to spill coffee down my front, while sleepily trying to put my shoes on the right feet, not salon levels of upkeep. The choppy, sweeping final-product ensured minimal maintenance yet maximum style. And there we had it! A fabulous, fresh new-do, a very happy customer and a very traumatized stylist (god bless your talent and humility, saint Didi).

Here’s our exhaustive go-to guide on what to ask for, expect and do:

Seen some foxy-fringe inspiration you’re dying to recreate on your luscious head? Well, hold your horses there, cowboy. While you make think an impish pixie-fringe is going to be your S/S20 crowning glory, it's paramount you understand it’s not going to leave you looking exactly like the picture. This may sound obvious, but listen to your stylist on what will and won’t work for your face shape, and go in with a willingness to compromise – it’s for your benefit, we promise.

Really think about how much willing you have to maintain your new-do. While you may feel like a million dollars walking out of the salon with a highly-architectural do, you most certainly won’t when your time-poor mornings mean blow-drying, a cornucopia of hair-products and three pairs of styling tongs aren’t an option. Your stylist has trained for years to create these types of high-fashion looks, but make sure they’re sympathetic to your time and talents, too.

Be brave, be bold! A new hair-cut has the power to totally transform your look, attitude and mood, and when all’s said and done, it’s just hair – which, most conveniently, possess the power to grow back. Experimenting with your do is one of the joys of life, and a fringe is a super accessible way to do that, but ensuring you trust your stylist with your hairs life will take the angst and anxiety of a dreadful do at-bay, so do your research into which salon you go for, or check out @didithestylist and Pastels Salon for a guaranteed #CrownPleaser