3 benefits of switching to organic beauty products during Ramadan

An expert explains
3 benefits of switching to organic beauty products during Ramadan
Liht Organics
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Nerissa Low, founder of Liht Organics, shares the ultimate benefits of going organic this month. 

It's good for your skin...

"Let your make-up be a reflection of our inner-self. Clean, organic make-up products help accentuate your beauty without causing any harm to your health and wellbeing. Did you know that 60% of what we apply on our skin (including makeup) gets absorbed into our body? Part of Ramadan is about cleansing your body through fasting, but we urge you to take it a step further by using clean, organic makeup on your skin as well."

It's good for the evironment... 

"Doing good for the earth is part of our spiritual journey as well. By opting for authentic organic products and choosing better for your skin, you are also choosing better for the environment, too. These organic ingredients are farmed responsibly with no chemicals or pesticides, and the final products are cruelty-free so Mother Nature is well protected!

It's on trend...

"Less is more - a trend that not only has the beauty industry adopted for S/S20, but also women around the world as we continue to WFH. Ramadan calls for simple make-up that gives you a naturally fresh look. Play up your natural beauty with a colour palette of earth tones, warm pinks and a dewy complexion to achieve that effortless polished natural look."