17 Pride rainbow nail ideas that'll brighten your day right up

Rainbow nails = just what we all need rn
17 Pride rainbow nail ideas that'll brighten your day right up
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If quarantine has totally wrecked your sense of time (hi, me, same), lemme provide you with a friendly little reminder: it is Pride month! So to brighten up your Insta feed, I rounded up the prettiest Pride nails and manicure ideas…ever. Ahead, rainbow manicures, summery polishes, and so much more for your viewing (and inspo-gathering) pleasure.

1. These Rainbow Nails for Pride

You can’t go wrong with this allover rainbow manicure for Pride. If nail art isn’t your ~thing~, might I suggest you invest in some rainbow nail stickers instead? It’s a great alternative if you’re trying to cop this look at home.

2. These Rainbow Tips for Pride

My favourite thing about these Pride nails is that they’re a genius way to disguise grow-out—especially if you pair your rainbow tips with a super-neutral base coat.

3. This Rainbow and Black Manicure for Pride

This combination of black, rainbow and nude hues is such a pretty approach to Pride nails. I mean, black nail polish has never looked brighter, IMO.

4. These Rainbow Stripe Nails for Pride

Eeeeep! These rainbow stripes are truly too cute to wait for June. Get a kick start on your Pride nails by ordering some neon nail polish and DIYing this negative-space mani ASAP.

5. These Mini Rainbow Nails for Pride

Pro tip: Recreate this rainbow manicure for Pride by trimming a tiiiny piece of washi tape and smoothing it over your (clean) nails. Just finish off with a couple of swipes of topcoat to get a smooth, glossy finish.

6. This Neon Green Manicure for Pride

Don’t feel like going all out with rainbow nails? No prob, this neon-green manicure is just as festive for Pride. I mean, you’re celebrating what makes you proud and happy, so your nails should reflect you.

7. This Subtle Rainbow Manicure for Pride

This muted rainbow manicure is a cute and subtle approach to Pride nails. Mix and match itty-bitty stripes (feel free to play around with placement too) to really channel this vibe.

8. These Rainbow Star Nails for Pride

Rainbow stars for Pride? Yes, pls. Make sure you stock up on tons of nail stickers (I’m a fan of Olive & June Nail Art Stickers) and a clear, super-shiny topcoat if you’re trying to DIY this one.

9. This Orange and Pink Mani for Pride

Everything about this bright and shiny orange-and-pink manicure has me excited for summer. Wear it as is or mix in a few more rainbow nail polishes—you’ve got lots of room to play with this one.

10. This Rainbow French Manicure for Pride

This rainbow French mani might be a liiittle tough to DIY (unless you’ve got some next-level nail art skills), but it’s pretty enough to hold out until you can book an appointment with a pro.

11. These Emoji Nails for Pride

I love everything about this cute and happy combo of nail-art emoji. Like, can you just with the mini rainbows and smiley faces? I’m sold.

12. These Rainbow Acrylics for Pride

What better way to deck out your acrylics than with these sweet rainbow polishes for Pride? It’s definitely a more pastel colour scheme, but it’s just as cute and fun as neon.

13. This Rainbow Nail Art for Pride

You won’t find any classic rainbows in this cool nail art design for Pride—it’s alllll in the colours. The best part about this mani is that it doesn’t require any clean, precise lines, so feel free to wing it.

14. These Glittery Rainbow Nails for Pride

Glittery-AF nail polishes are the key to recreating this manicure idea for Pride (and, you know, some Kylie Jenner–worthy acrylics aren’t a bad idea either).

15. This Abstract Rainbow Mani for Pride

This Pride manicure has a little bit of everything—the combination of rainbow French tips and clean, black lines is too cool to pass up.

16. This Matte and Rainbow Manicure for Pride

The easiest way to make your rainbow nail polish shine? A subtle and neutral base for tons of contrast. BTW: I think this Pride manicure idea looks especially pretty with square nails.

17. These Rainbow Nails With Evil Eyes for Pride

Evil eyes and rainbow tips are kinda the perfect match in this cute nail idea for Pride. Psst: Notice how the eye colour changes on each nail? It’s all in the details.

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