7 Instagram accounts to follow that raise awareness about racism

The accounts that'll help you stay informed
7 Instagram accounts to follow that raise awareness about racism

Over the past few days, we've all seen a multitude of people doing the same things; protesting, donating, signing petitions. All are very important in ending racial injustice, but I believe that the most important thing when the storm calms is continue to learn and un-learn as much as you can - esp about races other than yours.

Right now, the most accessible resource we have is social media and if there's anything we've realised over the past few days, it is the power it can carry. Diversifying your feed towards learning more about social injustice is a major step in educating yourself, and is particularly crucial in supporting the BLM movement.

So here are some bad-ass accounts that consistently create dope anti-racist contents. 

Shaun King

The author turned civil-rights activist turned lawyer. Shaun uses his social media platform to rally and unite people about racial injustice.

Bree Newsome

She's the artist who made history when she lowered the Confederate flag in South Carolina. Her tweets always provide insight, they are ALWAYS educational.

Black Lives Matter

As the name suggests, BLM is a global network, collecting and bringing power to blak people. The platform tirelessly campaigns about racial profiling and institutional racism. At its core, this platform  highlights racial issues.

Equality Labs

Equality Labs is a South Asian organisation dedicated to ending social issues like Islamaphobia, gender-based violence, white supremacy, amongst others. Equality Labs provides minorities with support; its Instagram page is full of workshops.

Check Your Privilege

Founded by Myisha T. Hill, CYP acts as a journey that deepens your awareness on how you respond to actions. Series are led by coaches that guide the anti-racism space.

The Conscious Kid

An incredible platform that provides resources for parents looking for tools and advice to enlighten their kids about racism and social injustice.

Strong Black Lead

A group of phenomenal black executives in Netflix created Strong Black Lead to promote and highligh black creators. They are also the creators of the podcast Okay, Now Listen.