Amy Roko says there is still a "huge misconception" around the burqa

We chat to the Saudi rapper about her latest campaign and music video with Benefit Cosmetics
Amy Roko says there is still a "huge misconception" around the burqa

Benefit Cosmetics is taking the Arab world by female storm. The beauty brand did a stunning job of combining two of our favourite things; make-up and rap. 

The music video is set in an all pink Al-Balad inspired setting to pay homage to Saudi Arabia. It features some of the Middle East’s best known influencers, such as Amy Roko, Roya, Sarah and Shahad.

The original song features the one and only Amy Roko as the lead rapper. These women have been breaking the mold for quite some time now and it’s amazing to see what they were able to do with the platform they’ve built. Not only is it an all-female cast, but an all-female crew as well. The music video was directed by filmmaker Angy Jammal. Talk about a feminist anthem!

But wait... there's more!

Amy Roko answered our burning questions in an exclusive interview:

Cosmo ME: Your collab with Benefit is all about beauty. What does beauty mean to you?
Amy Roko: Beauty to me is a package that consists of being able to be comfortable, happy and beautiful inside out. Believing you are beautiful, taking care of yourself and loving yourself, that is beauty. Taking care of your mental health, taking care of your spiritual self, that is beauty. It’s more of how I can reflect what’s inside to match my outside, and sometimes I feel like I can do that when I use make up.

Cosm ME: Top three benefit products you can’t live without? 
AR: Bad Gal Bang mascara, Precisely my Brow pencil and the Hoola brozner

Cosmo ME: What is your favourite line from the rap and why?
AR: "مافي شي يملا عيني لا لامبو و لا روز متصالحة مع نفسي معتادة على الفوز.
“Nothing really fills my eyes, whether it’s a Lamborghini or a Rolls, I’m good with myself and I’m used to winning”

Cosmo ME: Can we just talk about the pink sparkly set for a minute… 
AR: I was in awe, it was literally a Barbie world.  It really fit the mood, the Benefit girl gang kind of feeling and it was a really cool experience. Fell in love with the car, found out what car I’m buying next.

Cosmo ME: Let’s talk about the burqa… Do you think there is still a misconception around women wearing it?
AR: Huge misconception, it’s so difficult to explain. People keep forgetting we’re normal people who do normal things and exist.

Cosmo ME: Why is beauty so important to you?
AR: I love being beautiful. I love skincare. I love taking care of myself mentally and emotionally. It’s for me. Just me.

Cosmo ME: Your eye make-up is absolute fire in this video. Tell us more about the look?
AR: Thank you! It was a lot of glue, face jewels and glitter! It was done stone-by-stone and took about an hour just for the eyes - can you imagine! 

Cosmo ME: Describe your Girl Gang (Roya, Sara & Shahad) in three words...
AR: Sweethearts, energetic and lovable

Cosmo ME: If Roya, Sara & Shahad were a Benefit product, which one would they be and why?
AR: Roya would be Benetint (she was the shy one), Sara would be the Hoola (she was the precise one) and Shahad would be BadGal Bang! (she came with a bang)


Watch the epic music video here:

Benefit and these stunning ladies truly are ahead of the times. Well done ladies!