20 Taurus celebs who make their Zodiac sign look good

We love these beautiful, stubborn bulls
20 Taurus celebs who make their Zodiac sign look good
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Everybody needs a good Taurus in their life—after all, the bull is known for compassion, loyalty, and a love of luxury. The sign is ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty), which explains their eye for aesthetics and appreciation of ~the finer things in life~. Taurus is also an earth sign, which is why individuals born during Taurus season tend to be grounded and crave stability.

While Tauruses are often stereotyped as stubborn homebodies, they’re far more complex than that. They can be very driven, determined individuals who know how to set goals and work toward them at their own pace. With their work ethic and love of all things glam, it makes sense that Hollywood is full of Tauruses! A number of your fave celebs were born from April 20th to May 20th and exhibit their Taurean traits all the time.


Robert Pattinson: Born May 13, 1986

With his classic good looks and self-deprecating sense of humor, Robert Pattinson makes being a Taurus look good. R-Patz is also a proud “triple Taurus.”


Gigi Hadid: Born April 23, 1995

You can always count on a Taurus to serve a LOOK, and Gigi is known for just that. But when she’s not killing the game with her head-turning street style, she’s embracing her Taurean love for indulgent cuisine. Her food posts are bound to make you hungry.


Adele: Born May 5, 1988

Tauruses have a knack for the arts, which explains Adele’s musical prowess. Many of her lyrics also show off classic Taurus loyalty, e.g. the line, “When you wonder if I’m gonna lose my way home / Just remember that come whatever, I’ll be yours all alone.” Awww.


Kehlani: Born April 24, 1995

The R&B crooner reps her sign with pride and regularly shares musings about her Taurus tendencies on social media.


Noah Centineo: Born May 9, 1996

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star once tweeted that he likes to spend time with nature when he’s having a bad day. Reconnecting with Mother Earth to feel whole again? Classic Taurus.


Lana Condor: Born May 11, 1997

Yup. Not only do Lana and Noah share onscreen chemistry in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but they also share a sign (maybe the reason for all the chemistry...?). 


Stephen Colbert: Born May 13, 1964

Tauruses make great conversationalists/hosts. Probably why Stephen can make a sit-down with anyone from Nicki Minaj to Ted Cruz interesting.


Jessica Alba: Born April 28, 1981

She’s known for her good looks and onscreen presence, but Jessica is also a successful businesswoman. In 2011, she cofounded The Honest Company, which was valued at Dhs6.2 BILLION in 2015. Tauruses sure do know how to secure an income.


Sabrina Carpenter: Born May 11, 1999

Why are so many talented singers Tauruses, you may ask? Maybe because Taurus rules the throat. ~The more you know~.


Rami Malek: Born May 12, 1981

Have you ever noticed the slow, measured way a lot of Tauruses tend to speak? If you haven’t, just go check out any Rami Malek interview. Or that bizarre hotel commercial he did.


Dwayne Johnson: Born May 2, 1972

I mean, come on, what better nickname for an earth sign is there than The Rock?


Travis Scott: April 30, 1992

No one loves a rodeo more than Travis. It was the inspiration behind his entire 2015 album/tour. He even sold bull-riding-themed merch. Bulls aren’t just a rodeo staple though...they’re also the Taurean symbol!


Sam Smith: Born May 19, 1992

In the words of @LaurenInk on Twitter, “Sam Smith and Adele are solid reminders that you should really not dump a Taurus.”


Lizzo: Born April 27, 1988

“Hi, I’m Lizzo....I’m a Taurus. I like long walks on da beach and ice-cream meditation.” —Lizzo, 2017


Blac Chyna: Born May 11, 1988

The reality star loves to post pics of her glamorous lifestyle. No one lives for luxury like a Taurus.


Jojo Siwa: Born May 19, 2003

She has single-handedly built a children’s entertainment empire by the age of 16. Another Taurean entrepreneurial genius.


Henry Cavill: Born May 5, 1983

Who embodies a dependable Taurus more than Superman himself? When he’s not saving the world, he’s strolling through the woods alone talking about how much he loves nature. Of course.


Charli D'Amelio: Born May 1, 2004

The 15-year-old TikTok sensation is full of insightful Taurean proverbs. For example, she once tweeted, “Busy day but I hungry.” Really makes you think.


Queen Elizabeth II: Born April 21, 1926

Tauruses are known to love a beautiful home space. I guess Buckingham Palace should suffice.


Joe Keery: Born April 24th, 1992

This picture says it all. Behold the Taurus flag.

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