The UAE's Weather Was Anything But Sunny, And Ofc, The Internet Couldn't Deal

We've gathered the best reactions to prove it
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Colder climates have arrived to the UAE, which means endless posts on our social media feeds of rain, thunder and most importantly - memes.

In true local form, the minute the UAE's weather takes a drastic change, everyone loses it. Last weekend, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, temperatures dipped down to a cool 19 degrees celcius, and all our plans were sequentially ruined by the never-ending rain. And we mean a lot of rain, enough to close down streets (even Sheikh Zayed Road.) All this flooding and the thunderstorms that soon followed after had the Gulf's civilians in a frenzy, obviously we weren't prepared for a wet weekend (I mean... it's the UAE?!) 

Although it seems that the coast is clear for now (quite literally), there are still chances of fog and downpour for later on in the week, according to The National. While you wait for this unexpected Winter weather, we suggest looking through these hilarious Twitter reactions to everything (basically everything) being flooded on the weekend.

Trust me, it's the perfect pick-me-up from the gloomy climate atm. Scroll down to see more...

Looking for a new activity to do during this rainy season? Kayaking just about anywhere seems to be all the rage now. 

This SENT me. 


Can we go back to beach weather now?