Baby Yoda Is The Internet's New Favourite Meme

And by 'the internet', we mean 'our'
Baby Yoda Is The Internet's New Favourite Meme

Forget shopping, the best thing about the internet is the memes. From text quotes that make you yell 'YES' to relatable pics you tag all your friends in, the internet is littered with memes that make you feel seen.

And while we've all got our own favourite reaction gifs on hand, there's a new meme you've probably seen popping up all over your timeline. AND IT'S ADORABLE.

Please give a warm welcome to: Baby Yoda.

The animated clip has been lifted from the new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, and shows the tiny Jedi master sipping from a cup of soup wearing an oversized gown.

People have been using it as a reaction meme for everything from sipping tea when you see something dramatic to what your mum looks like when she's waiting for 15-year-old you to come back from the park (relatable). Here are our pick of the best.

When you can't help being nosey:

When your mum has her eyes on you:

When you live with a social media addict:

When winter finally arrives:

When the shade is real:

When you've got plans washing your hair:

Consider Baby Yoda the only meme we're using for the foreseeable future.

H/T Cosmo UK