The Valentine’s Day tree trend will bring extra love into your space

This must be the work of Cupid
The Valentine’s Day tree trend will bring extra love into your space
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Sad the holiday season is over? Same, but don’t put away that Christmas tree just yet! You can keep it up for another month or two...with the proper decorations, of course. Valentine’s Day gives you another reason to go all out with your home decor.

Valentine’s Day trees are exactly what they sound like, and people have unveiled some beautiful creations. Strip your tree of the Christmas ornaments and replace them with red, pink, and white bulbs as well as whatever heart-shaped decorations you can find. Your star or angel can be swapped for a bow, heart, or any piece that screams “love.”

While you can certainly stick with your regular green tree, a red, pink, or white one will give your space new life and go along with the February 14 holiday. One option is Treetopia’s 5-foot Pretty in Pink tree that comes complete with pink lights, so all you have to do is put the few pieces together. Who knows, maybe you’ll love the pink-tree vibe so much that you’ll break it out for Christmas. There are no rules here!

Ready to create your own Valentine’s Day tree? Keep scrolling to get inspiration from people who are showing off their designs. We think this means your loved ones are required to line the bottom of your tree with gifts...just saying.

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