The 'Below Deck' cast: Where are they now?

Our latest reality obsession
The 'Below Deck' cast: Where are they now?
Below Deck

As you already know by now, Below Deck is our latest obsession. As the title suggests, the show follows the crew of superyachts (aka yachties) - and thankfully there are 13 seasons, so we're not getting over it anytime soon. I mean, each season is filled with trips to different Islands with the yachties trying to navigate through their very unique workplace, so how could we get tired of watching it?? 

The show has only just reached MENA waters (lol), but the first few seasons, on the yacht, were actually filmed a few years ago. So where are the cast now?

Kate Chastain - Chief Stewardess

After six seasons of being Chief Stewardess, the RBF queen decided to step down "as a senior member of the Below Deck family and work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support His Majesty Andy Cohen,” as she wrote in a cheeky statement. Yeah, she took a page out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's announcement.

Amy Johnson - 2nd Stewardess

All seems rosy in the life of the ever-charming stewardess. Amy left the show after two seasons and according to Kate, she is "basically living the dream outside of the world of Below Deck world." Amy got engaged in January, but they're no signs of wedding bells ringing anytime soon. Maybe because of the pandemic.

Kelley Johnson - Bosun

Kelley is now a professional photographer. The second Johnson on the Below Deck cast returned in Season four as Bosun, however, Kelley left the show to pursue his passion in Photography. He's dabbled in a lot of things, but it looks like this profession is here to stay.

Raquel Dakota - 3rd Stewardess

Rocky has maintained the active lifestyle she displayed on the show as she continues to travel the world. There's not much to report here as she maintains a private account on the 'gram, but what we know if that seemingly found her ideal man, Mark. We're glad she's living her best life.

Emile Kotze - Deckhand

Emile now dabbles between acting and his company as a travel agent. As expected, he travels around the world and takes some killer shots while he's at it. 

Lee Rosbach – Captain

Trusty Captain Lee Rosbach is the back bone of below deck and *spoiler alert* is the only crew member from Season 1 who continues through all seven filmed series. He lives in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, and seems to spend a lot of time with his family and grandchildren. He has also just celebrated his 45 year wedding anniversary with his wife! He’s verified on Instagram with a huge 400k followers and also ‘partners’ with Maui Jim sunglasses. All good in the hood for Captain Lee!


Aleks Taldykin – First officer
Aleks is only in Season 1 of Below Deck, and now has taken his love of boating into super yacht sales and charter for Denison Yachting. He is engaged, and is a huge campaigner for the reduction of single-use plastic and ocean pollution – the content we like to see!

Adrienne Gang – Chief stewardess.
Adrienne got married in Florida, and some Below Deck cast members came to celebrate with her. She’s now a freelance chef and works on a multitude of boats. Oh, and she also has a cute dog that she dresses up in captain outfits.

C. J. LeBeau – Second engineer
C. J is the rebellious one, and another cast member which only appears in Season 1. Unfortunately, we don’t have much to report here. C. J was arrested in Arizona for assault back in summer 2013, and well… we’ve never seen anything from him since. Side note: no pictures here, C. J is IG private.

Kat Held – 2nd stewardess
Kat reported in 2017 that she was having a career change and embarking upon nursing school, but we’re not sure what happened with that one. She’s not big on social media and has only posted twice in the last 18 months, which were both of the Bravo Below Deck Reunion in January.

Samantha Orme – 3rd stewardess
All seems peachy in the life of Sam Orme; she has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl Blake, and has just celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband. She also has a super cute pup which goes by the name of Ed Orme, and has his own IG account.

Ben Robinson – Chef

Chef Ben is verified on IG and posts some drool-worthy pics of his culinary creations. His lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is a dab hand at YouTube tutorials. This week he has shown his followers how to make home-made pizza and has hosted a virtual chocolate workshop with Seth Rogan in honour of World Chocolate Day. You can also pay for a personalised cameo video from Ben, for you know, whatever reason.

Eddie Lucas – Deckhand
Eddie is also verified on Instagram, but not big on posting. He is a huge supporter of the BLM movement and since January, his only posts have been in support of BLM and protesting for change.

David Badberry - Deckhand
Describing himself as the ‘Below Deck voice of reason’, David only appears in Season 1 of the show. He is now an actor and writer living in Washington DC with his impeccably well-dressed dog Quincy. He’s also been spending lockdown watching a Below Deck marathon on Bravo.