The 6th edition of World Art Dubai is back!!

Art lovers, get in here!
The 6th edition of World Art Dubai is back!!

Art connoisseurs will be happy to know that the Middle East’s largest and most accessible retail art fair is back! The fair will take place in Dubai World Trade Centre from 8-11 April with a bigger pool of activations. If you’re just starting your collection, this is definitely a great opportunity to meet some really talented emerging artists and fellow art collectors. 

Emirati artist Rami Elzaghawy, amongst others will display their Dubai graffiti and street art portraits for the first time at World Art Dubai this year. The hugely diverse range of artworks are priced from only $100 upwards – we love a good bargain!

World Art Dubai will also see VR Art make its debut at the show, expertly created by the incredible speed painter, Cathy Deniset. The best part is that each piece will be customized to fit the shoppers preference. This year’s fair will combine classic and modern art works with a cast of sculptors, art performers, short film producers and graffiti artists assembled entertaining crowds.

Can’t wait!!