The Common Ground Art Exhibition Is Officially Open

Yep! We speak art...
The Common Ground Art Exhibition Is Officially Open

We think everyone can agree that just like music, art is a universal language that counters cultural differences and brings people together, acting as the common ground where people connect over incredible paintings and drawings and put aside their differences.

Art connoisseurs will be happy to know that Central Park Tower in the Dubai International Financial Centre is displaying a collection of artwork created by 100 artists representing 29 nationalities in an exhibition called “Common Ground”. The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the extraordinary power art inherently possesses in unifying communities. 

The exhibition, curated by Gallery Arabesque under the patronage of Dr. Salah Al Qassim, will be on display throughout November, and is a community initiative in line with the Year of Tolerance pillars, designed to highlight the values of tolerance and collaboration.

The exhibition will run until December 5 and is open from 8 am to 11 pm daily. 

Central Park Towers, DIFC, Dubai. For more information, visit the website here.