Tamashee (تماشي) creates handmade Arabian Gulf sandals with natural dyes

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Tamashee (تماشي) creates handmade Arabian Gulf sandals with natural dyes

Introducing Tamashee, an Arabian Gulf footwear brand based in Dubai and known for recreating the zbairiya, madaas, or najdeya - a.k.a the Arabian Gulf sandal.

The co-founders and creative directors, Muneera Al Tamimi (KSA) and Mohammed Kazim (UAE) of Tamashee focuses on using natural dyed leathers for their high-quality products. 

Tamashee is all about taking traditional footwear a step forward, making their shoes much more ~ modern ~ than regular Gulf sandals. Don't get me wrong, no culture is compromised in the making of these comfy-yet-cute shoes, there's just more of an artsy twist. 

تماشي incorporates different colours in their dye's, and embellishments to add to the sandals. Tamashee's designs suit all kinds of occasions. This home-grown brand follows the same shape for each sandal, but offers different designs every single time. No really, you won't find any boring brown or black shoes here. 


Not only have Tamashee beautifully re-designed staple shoes found in the Arab culture, but  they also spread information about the Arabian Peninsula's history, provide a platform to people aware of emerging artists, and give back to communities.

For more informtation visit: www.tamashee.com or Instagram @tamashee