The Best Water Workouts To Beat The Summer Heat

You don't have to break a sweat to get that tone!
The Best Water Workouts To Beat The Summer Heat

Personally, when the UAE weather gets above 40C I tend to physically melt. So when someone tells me I should go workout all I wanna do is laugh and cry at the same time. So I figured since swimming is a sport and water cools one down, there must be some water fitness classes that can be done here. Here's a round-up of our summer musts:

1. Soul Cycle In The Water @L'Aterlier Aquafitness

If you're a soul cycle kinda person then this is for you. Spinning underwater with a ton of aqua resistance isn't for the light hearted so check this out only if you're a spinning pro. Killer glutes with no sweat and all the fun!

2. Yoga And HIIT @Float

Whether you're into high impact or low impact workouts, Float's got the answer. Cool down and power up with Yoga or HIIT -- here's the twist -- on a mat ON the water. Try not to fall! But if you do, at least it won't hurt that much. 

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3. Water Adventure Sports @Wadi Adventure

Okay, so this spot doesn't offer up a run-of-the-mill fitness class. There's tons of options for adventure junkies looking to try something out-of-the-box. Wadi Adventure offers surfing lessons, kayaking, rafting, wakeboarding, a swimming pool and (our fave) the wave pool. We rode the wave and would totally recommend it! 

4. Wake Boarding @Sea Riders

Do you ever watch those videos on Instagram of people on a surfboard. Thing is, the surfboard isn't real. Just keep your eyes out for that teeny stick that juts out from the bottom - basically those guys are on a wobble kinda board. This is called wake foiling and you can do it here! Plus, Sea Riders also offer wake surfing and wakeboarding. You'll look pretty cool doing it!

5. Water Zumba @Dubai Ladies Club

Zumba, except in the water! How FUN does that sound? You'll be getting great cardio Zumba-style AND extra tone with the water resistance!
And if you want to try two water workouts at one spot, check out their Float Fit classes, which is basically Yoga on a mat. 

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