Just the Zoom of Us: Thania Peck

We speak to model-turned-blogger and brains behind Catch Her in the Style about sustainable style how PPE is impacting the planet, and the future of the fashion industry
Just the Zoom of Us: Thania Peck
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Welcome back to Just the Zoom of Us, where we catch up with your favourite celebs and influencers - remotely, of course - around the world. This week we're joined by fashion and beauty blogger, Thania Peck.

NYC-based, but born and raised in California, Thania is all about sustainable fashion and staying on-trend whilst sticking to her environmentalist values.

Cosmo's Social Media & Video Exec Sara AlHumiri sits down with her as part of OHM Live's charity event to chat about how quarantine has affected her, the fashion world post-COVID, and even how TikTok is everyone's latest obsession (yes, even ours.) 

We're thrilled to bring this enigmatic influencer to our weekly series - trust us, you'll want to know how she reduces PPE waste! (Which is v. important RN fyi.) 

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