Why Harry and Meghan Markle left baby Archie back in Canada

We missed the lil' guy
Why Harry and Meghan Markle left baby Archie back in Canada
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Meghan Markle and Prince - uh, I mean just Harry - had just showed up to their final formal commitments as senior members of the British royal family. While we didn't see baby Archie around, we definitely saw his colour-coordinated parents making major heart eyes at each other. 

So where was the little cutie the whole time? According to a report from the Telegraph, the parents decided to leave Archie at home due to health concerns. "The decision to leave Archie behind in Canada came not out of petty spite, as reported in some areas, but out of concern for his health during the threat of a global pandemic," said the source.

This was in regards to all that's been happening with coronavirus, or COVID-19, if you will. Even the Queen seems to be gearing up. And would you blame them? What parent doesn't want to be looking out for their baby? Not these two for sure! A source told People that "The devoted parents stayed close to their baby boy by “FaceTiming with him every day.” Isn't that just the cutest?

It would've been a nice time to visit his royal family and it seems that the queen really missed him. A source told Us Weekly that "The queen would love to have a relationship with Archie, but it’s looking unlikely that will ever happen...The queen’s worst fear is that she may never see Archie again."

Let's all hope that Archie gets to visit his royal fam and get in some quality time with the queen soon when things begin to settle down.