Is the Queen is protecting herself from coronavirus with gloves?

She doesn't normally wear gloves to present honours, but this week she did
Is the Queen is protecting herself from coronavirus with gloves?
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Coronavirus is a very real threat at the moment, as cases of the highly infectious bug continue to rise in the UK and the rest of the world. And that means not even the Queen is immune to its risks.

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But by the looks of it, royal officials are urging Queen Elizabeth to take precautions to prevent catching the virus. The monarch was photographed earlier this week at an investiture at Buckingham Palace - where she hands out honours such as MBEs - wearing gloves, which is not something she typically does.

On Twitter, the royal family shared a video of the Queen presenting D-Day veteran Harry Billinge with an MBE, and in the footage Her Majesty's cream gloves are visible as she shakes his hand. It's not known for certain whether this is a measure that has been taken to protect Queen Elizabeth from contracting the virus - which is known to be more risky for the elderly - but it would make perfect sense if it was.

NHS advice on preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus, as it's technically known, includes "[trying] to avoid close contact with people who are unwell". But because the characteristics of the strain mean people who are infected might not yet know it, it's perhaps been advised that the Queen takes no risks by having direct physical contact with anyone.

Coronavirus is known to have an 'incubation period' of up to 14 days, which means people might only show symptoms two weeks after catching it. During this time, it's unlikely a person would know they are contagious, which is how it can be so readily passed on.

Currently, the number of cases of the virus in the UK stands at 51, meaning it's still fairly contained. But Public Health England has warned that widespread transmission of Covid-19 in this country is now "highly likely", and the government is putting plans in place if such an event were to occur. If the coronavirus epidemic does peak in the UK, the government has said it expects up to a fifth of the country's workforce to be off sick.

The Queen usually shakes hands without gloves

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Alarmingly close to home for the royal family, it was last week reported that four pupils from Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school, Thomas's Battersea, were staying at home to 'self-isolate' after returning from a ski trip in northern Italy. The children all had tests and remained at home while they waited for the results, but it's not been confirmed that any were diagnosed with coronavirus.

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Let's hope the virus can be contained as much as possible, so we can minimise ill-health and any deaths as a result.

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