Surprise: Queen Elizabeth Only Gets Her Makeup Done Once a Year

How very chill of her!
Surprise: Queen Elizabeth Only Gets Her Makeup Done Once a Year

  • A new book about Queen Elizabeth reveals that she always does her own makeup (yep, even for v important and formal events!).
  • The one exception is the Queen's annual Christmas speech, when she opts to have a professional help her out.

I totally understand that everyone has been preoccupied with Halloween this week (which makes sense, especially considering that celeb costumes were on point this year), but this week has also been a big one for royal fans who are thirsty for insider intel about Queen Elizabeth.

Not only did a photo surface of Queen Elizabeth putting her hands in her pockets (which apparently had the potential to "bring the Monarchy down"), but the Queen's daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, also revealed her very personal nickname for Queen Elizabeth, which is...wait for it..."mama."

And because the week isn't over yet, we now have yet another detail about the Queen's personal life, thanks to a new book by Queen Elizabeth’s longtime dressmaker and friend Angela Kelly, called The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe. The tea? Well, apparently the Queen never uses a makeup artist and always opts to create her own lewks for her many, many public appearances. The one exception is around the holidays, when the Queen arranges for a professional to do her makeup before the recording of her yearly Christmas speech. Angela says (via People),"You might be surprised to know that this is the only occasion throughout the year when Her Majesty does not do her own makeup."

So basically, not only does the Queen have to deal with representing the whole United Kingdom and heading the royal family, but she also totally aces her makeup on the daily while she's at it. What a legend!


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