Kylie Jenner just trademarked her hair and we have questions

We need answers, people
Kylie Jenner just trademarked her hair and we have questions
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Another day in the Kylie empire means another business venture

And this time, apparently, the make-up mogul is looking into haircare. With a long list of trademarks (130 to be exact), according to Forbes, Kylie has just added a couple more to her registered trademark portfolio.

This includes 'Kylie Body,' 'Kylie Hair,' 'Kylie Con,' and 'Kylie Museum.' We have so many questions...

First off, does 'Kylie Hair' mean that the billionaire beauty will be looking into haircare? Could we be expecting a wig collection soon, or extensions, or even hair growth vitamins?! What does this mean

These predictions don't seem too far off, especially with her latest 'do debut on Valentines Day, which shook the Internet. From cutting her nearly black locks to a short bob, to then wearing a wig of gorgeous golden brown tresses, Kylie definitely *gets* hair trends. She's rocked so many different lewks that we wouldn't be surprised if she released a whole wig range tomorrow! 

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Stormi's mum has had more hair revamps in a year than we've probably had our whole lives. And she rocks every. Single. One. 

Kylie Skin only launched a year ago but it seems that the 22-year-old social media star is not taking a break from work any time soon...

The devil works hard, but Kylie Jenner works harder.