How I got my job as...a singer and the founder of a dance studio

She sings, she dances, she teaches – and she’s only just turned 20. Insane, amirite?!
How I got my job as...a singer and the founder of a dance studio
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Yas Vocals is in-between Dubai and LA, piecing together TikTok-worthy choreography or writing singles (which can be found on Spotify and Anghami FYI). The superstar-in-the-making fills us in on how she lives life in the fast lane…

Tell us a bit about your musical career…

I opened my own music and dance school back in September 2019. It’s a unique concept because all of our teachers are from Los Angeles, so we bring a trendy and fresh vibe to Dubai. I’ve also been singing for three years now and have just released my second song.

What did you study at university?

I graduated from high school last year, and basically opened up my school straight away, so I didn’t go to university. I definitely do want to go to a performing arts college sometimes soon…maybe next year.

One piece of advice you’d give a young person trying to go down the same career path as you?

The entertainment industry is very hard and cut-throat, it can be really cruel sometimes. Always believe in yourself, even if it’s challenging at times. If you do, it’ll keep you pushing and fighting for your dream, and if you don’t, then the people around you won’t believe in you either. 

Top three skills you need to have in your career?

Discipline, determination and thick-skin.

What is one of your biggest successes?

Being able to open my own business was a huge achievement for me. I was only 18 when I opened it, so that was big. And also being able to release my own songs, especially my latest, Not That Girl. I’m super proud of it.

What is the best and most challenging part of your job?

The best is when young girls tell me that my classes have helped with their self-esteem. The most challenging is to just keep believing in myself and that I am good enough. I have always struggled with self-doubt. Everyone has that negative voice inside them, but it’s about continuing to push through and move forward.

Images: Catherine Galustian. Shot on location at The London Project.