It's official: *This* is the best way to skin prep in the summer - esp for combination skin

A guide on how to face summer - pun intended
It's official: *This* is the best way to skin prep in the summer - esp for combination skin

It's time for sundresses, hair tints and pool parties, and on the flip side (for many of us), the sad truth is that it's also time for breakouts and skin irritation. There are a couple of skincare changes to consider when transitioning from winter to summer, as your skin will certainly need more TLC over summer.

Consider this the road mapping to healthy summer skin 2020.

1. Get you a facial cleanser

The key is having a face wash with no sulfates or harsh cleansers and lots of gentle hydrators, like hyaluronic acid and ultra-mild surfactants that do not strip the natural lipid barrier of the skin.

Tip: If your skin is super sensitive, you really only need to wash it at night—rinsing with some water in the morning is just fine.

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2. Add an exfoliation step

Yeah, it's not great to over-exfoliate, however, in the summer, your skin will certainly appreciate it. During summer, the weather clogs your skin with sweat, sunscreen and dead skin from dehydration. If you were doing twice a week, you should maybe amp it up to three times a week. 

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3. Use a hydrating face mask or Serum

Warm weather dehydrates the skin, and that includes the face. To win this battle, you have to make sure that you're well-hydrated, that includes applying a face mask or serum that offers great hydration, drinking lots of water and a dash of minding your business.

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4. Don't stop moisturising

No matter how many layers of hyaluronic acid you apply, you need to be using a daily face moisturizer that's either mattifying, sheer or lightweight. Steer clear of anything too thick that will feel suffocating on your skin, and/or likely to clog your pores.

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Do not avoid Sunscreen, everyone needs it - whether indoors or outdoors. Over time, sun damage can cause the skin to wrinkle, and that's where SPF comes in. It doesn't only protect against skin cancer, it also protects against sun damage. 

Tip: Set an alarm to remind you to reapply your sunscreen. (yeah, we're OTT when it comes to skincare)

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