Do collagen supplements actually work?

We *just* discovered the fountain of youth
Do collagen supplements actually work?

Collagen supplements seem to be popping up everywhere. Do they actually boost our beauty from within? There’s only one way to find out, so, we put them to the test!

First things first, collagen itself doesn’t actually *do anything* when applied topically. The molecules are too large to be absorbed into the skin. So, they just (ineffectively) sit there…like our 2020 travel plans. However, ingesting collagen is a whole different story. Promising research shows that when consumed, collagen peptides, (imagine tiny little golden chains of skin plumping goodness) absorb into the body and increase skin firmness and hydration levels.

We took Aethern’s advanced skin beauty program for 28 days. After the first three weeks, friends began commenting on our improved mirror selfies. Fuller lips, softened fine lines, and that pre-pandemic glow was restored. After the full treatment, our skin looked and felt so much firmer. And not just our face. We’re talking *everywhere*! Best of all, there were no side effects.

Before & After collagen supplements

(Before - left, After- right)

Taking a collagen supplement is as easy as using the new Dyson Corrale hair straightener. Remember to always check with your healthcare provider before ingesting any sort of supplement. It might just be the perfect addition to your #virgoseason skincare routine.

Cosmo’s tip: Add vitamin c and retinol into your skincare routine to improve your collagen from the outside.

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