10 new book releases to look forward to in 2020

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10 new book releases to look forward to in 2020

2020 will be known for a *lot* of things, one of which being some majorly good book releases. The remaining half of the year still holds lots of amazing books just waiting to be released. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best books you should snap up the second they are released (or just pre-order on Amazon).

Midnight Sun – Stephanie Meyer
Twilight fans rejoice!! The HIGHLY anticipated next instalment of the Twilight saga is nearly upon us. This time we are hearing Edward’s side of the story.

Available 4th August 2020


The Black Kids – Christina Hammonds Reed
Four police officers are let off after beating Black man Rodney King half to death in LA. Wealthy LA teenager Ashley then finds herself “not just one of the girls. She’s one of the black kids”. She is forced to navigate racism, class issues and violence as Black woman living through the 1992 LA riots.

Available 4th August 2020


The Comeback -  Ella Berman
A young actress under the control of a charming but manipulative film director disappears on the eve of her first Golden Globe nomination. 8 years on and she is trying to re-enter society knowing that this time, she is in control of her life.

Available 11th August 2020


Grown – Tiffany D Jackson
Up-and-coming singer Enchanted Jones wakes up one morning with blood on her hands. She has no recollection of the night before, but when the police turn up at her door she has to confront a big question. What really happened to R&B singer Korey Fields?

Available 15th September 2020


The White Coat Diaries - Madi Sinha
This is one for all you fans of Grey’s Anatomy! Norah Kapadia lands a medical residency of her dreams, but soon gets tangled up in a cover-up that changes everything.

Available 15th September 2020


The Book of 2 Ways – Jodi Picoult
Jodi Picoult knows how to write allll the feels, and The Book of 2 Ways is no exception. When a woman survives a plane crash, she expected to spend her final moments thinking of her husband. But instead, she finds herself thinking of a man she met over a decade ago. She’s got a lot of thinking to do, and some big decisions to make.

Available 22nd September 2020


Just Like You – Nick Hornby
Nick Hornby, author of High Fidelity, explores an unexpected love match. Sometimes ‘the one’ ends up being someone completely unexpected when you open your heart.

Available 29th September 2020


Ties That Tether – Jane Igharo
Azere promises her dying father she would marry a Nigerian man, but struggles to keep her promise when she falls in love with a white man. A story of love, identity and self-discovery.

Available 29th September 2020


Dolly Alderton – Ghosts
Following on from the can’t-put-it-down memoir Everything I know About Love, Dolly Alderton gives us her first novel. Ghosts is a funny and sweet story of a new relationship, just when Nina needs it most.

Available 15th October 2020


Cobble Hill – Cecily von Ziegesar
Cecily von Ziegesar is responsible for a pretty iconic, highly-regarded, intellectually stimulating writing… GOSSIP GIRL. She makes her return with Cobble Hill, the novel following a year of four families lives in an upper-class Brooklyn neighbourhood.

Available 20th October 2020