These are the best new albums of 2020 (…so far, anyway)
May 31, 2020
*mentally prepares to play HAIM on a loop all summer*
Um, Tekashi 6ix9ine, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are publicly feuding on the internet
May 20, 2020
@Billboard, apparently you have some explaining to do
There’s a reason Hailey Bieber wore hardly any make-up on her wedding day
Mar 12, 2020
Apart from being naturally flawless, obvs
Justin Bieber's just dropped his new album and it's topping charts as we speak
Feb 26, 2020
Beebs is no. 1 on the Billboard 200 charts for the SEVENTH time!
Here's why Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne are feuding
Feb 23, 2020
"If you have nothing against me, then why don't you unblock me?"
Justin Bieber gets teary-eyed talking about Billie Eilish and past relationships
Feb 17, 2020
"I just wanna protect her, you know?" Yeah Justin, we know.
Selena Gomez accuses Justin Bieber of emotional abuse
Jan 29, 2020
She opened up about the relationship in a shock interview