Travis Scott Says Rumors That He Cheated on Kylie Jenner Are "Simply Not True"
Oct 06, 2019
He also says that the "false stories" about him are "really affecting."
Okay Real Talk, Taylor Swift And Her Cat Are Our True #CoupleGoals
Jul 18, 2019
And ofc, more cuuute pics of celebs with their pets!
Ever Wondered Who The 10 Most Followed Celebs on The ‘Gram Are?
Feb 27, 2019
"Click, click, click and, post"
How The A-List Looked Back In 2007
Aug 25, 2017
None of us made great style decisions in 2007 – waistcoats, tunics and unfeasibly low-cut jeans, anyone? But this flashback to 10 year ago, proves the A-list weren’t immune either...