Coronavirus could cause a wedding dress shortage

Particularly for summer 2020 weddings.
Coronavirus could cause a wedding dress shortage
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From travel restrictions to workforces contemplating self-quarantining, the implications of Coronavirus are undeniably far-reaching.

But an area that could be surprisingly impacted is weddings. Or, more specifically, wedding dresses.

Labour MP Chris Bryant recently addressed the knock-on effect for the bridal industry following the outbreak, with some local businesses already feeling the consequences.

“Many wedding dresses in this country are designed in this country but made in China, and wedding dress companies in the UK, including in my constituency, have found it really difficult because the factories have been closed in China and they’re now suffering."

When the factories manufacturing wedding dresses close, there's less supply to meet demand, leading to delays and stock shortages.

“Having married many women in my time when I was a vicar, I am aware that this is very time sensitive, and there is a real danger to many of these businesses that they are going to suffer enormous financial loss, let alone to the families,” Bryant adds.

But the supply chain problems could affect more than just wedding dresses, with wedding planners also anticipating delays with bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits should factories remain closed.

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses can take anywhere between three to nine months to produce, meaning the current closures could already effect garments intended for weddings this spring/summer, especially if orders are yet to be placed.

So, what can you do if you think your wedding might be impacted?

  • Plan ahead
  • And order your outfits sooner rather than later

The British Bridal Supplier Association (BBSA) has recommended allowing extra time for production and shipping - something many brands have already factored into their delivery estimations.

"In order to avoid any disappointment many brands have revised their standard delivery times for future orders and/or temporarily suspended rush deliveries," reads the BBSA website.

"Our planners are also advising our couples to get their bridal party dresses and suits ordered earlier than usual due to growing delays," Kaleigh Gallagher, founder and CEO of wedding planning concierge Flutter Social tells Fox Business.

If, however, you've already ordered your outfits and are concerned about delivery times, contact the company or brand you ordered through for updates - that way you can start thinking about plan B (because you can never be too prepared, right?) and, should it come to it, make alternative arrangements.

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