PSA: The new Dyson V11 has low-key changed my life

I would go to war for my Dyson V11
PSA: The new Dyson V11 has low-key changed my life

I’m not good at cleaning. In fact, I hate everything about it and it’s prolly the thing I’m worst at. To me, there are few worse things in life than putting your hands in a washing up bowl or wrestling with dust bunnies under the sofa. I might just be the only person whose house ends up 30% dirtier after they’ve started cleaning.

And if you clicked on this article, I’d probably guess you’re sitting there thinking “Oookay, but I’m not a cleaning expert either.” Well, I can confirm that the latest release from Dyson will change. Your. Life.

The V11 is a cordless vacuum will plow through your home's dust bunnies, pet hair and even the dust that has amassed in your sofa and on your matress - yeah, your beds and sofas. They might look clean, but they aren’t. Sorry.

The device boasts two swappable batteries, so it lasts TWO HOURS without the cord and has a time indicator to tell you how much battery is left. And you can whizz round your house on one of three settings: eco, auto/medium or boost. The former being a gentle suction that doesn't drain your battery, and the latter making it an absolute cleaning force to be reckoned with. 

It can also be dismantled and used as a hand-held vacuum, which is perfect for things like upholstery.

This is, hands down, no better vacuum I've ever used, and whilst we're all in isolation and cleaning has never been more important, it would have been a true injustice for me not to have told you. You're welcome. <3 u Dyson. 

Dyson V11, Dhs2,999