WATCH | We put 4 up-and-coming Dubai-based singers to the ultimate music test

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Meet Yas, Shébani, Fafa, and Leah Depala, the region’s most up-and-coming singers that you need to know about.

We put the four of them to the ultimate music test for the inaugural episode of Shuffle & Play. The rules? Simple. All they had to do was choose a mystery word from the fishbowl (spoiler alert: as an ode to Valentine’s Day, we chose words that pertained to luurrrvvv), and they have 30 seconds to try and sing a song which features *that* word.

If you’re week need a healthy dose of Celion Dion, a sprinkling of Britney Spears and a peppering of The Pussycat Dolls, hit play on the video to see us put these girls to the test.

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