21 super cute Instagram captions for all your fiery summer pics

You have our full permission to plagiarize
21 super cute Instagram captions for all your fiery summer pics

Firstly, if you thought Hot Girl Summer was cancelled, you're wrong - it's in full effect. Coronavirus had it's time for a moment, but the streets are open and it's time to live your best (masked/social distancing) life!

Whether you're IG famous or you're just keen on showcasing your gorgeous face every other day on Insta, Cosmo is well aware that there’s no greater (Insta) challenge than coming up with the perfect four- to five-word sentence to complement a picture you’re posting.

Your friends are probably tired of hearing "What should I caption this?" and your feed is DEFFO tired of seeing #brunchlife and #lifesabeach, so let's help you. Here're some cute caption selections that'll definitely come in handy for your sun-kissed photos.

Read, select, copy so you can finally post that pic already.

Glimpses from the beach

  • Let's seas the day
  • Beach, please!
  • Sunny with a glam
  • Sandy toes, tan lines and summer smiles
  • Sea all this beauty, and I'm not talking about the waves
  • All I wanna do is stay salty

Showing off your OOTD

  • Summer style is the caption
  • If it includes wearing a summer dress, my answer is Yes!
  • Summer is a season, but the style always has my heart
  • The heat is my runway
  • Reunited with summer style and it feels good

Shots with the gang

  • Loyal friends in the heat are the best friends to keep
  • Nothing but good vibes and blue skies
  • "When all else fails, take a vacation." —Betty Williams
  • Gang so hot you can't chill with us
  • Hot girl (gang) summer

The fruits and drinks

  • Pies, fries, and cute guys
  • Eat, drink, and repeat!
  • All you need is ice cream
  • Watermelon, great view and sandy feet = ultimate summer vibes
  • I'll take summer a melon and one times over again!