Here are 7 things that are impossible to recycle

Please stop buying this stuff!
Here are 7 things that are impossible to recycle

Products that you use in your everyday life could be affecting the environment without you even realising it! Take a look at this list of surprising items that are impossible to recycle, then consider cutting them out of your life. 


Toothpaste tubes, hand cream, sun cream and moisturising lotions.

Products that come in squeezable tubes are difficult to recycle because they contain a thin layer of aluminium and various types of plastic. This makes it challenging for recycling plants to separate and process them. The pump-action toothpastes are made from a type of plastic that’s easier to recycle.


Paper straws

Although paper straws can be recycled, the thickness of the straws makes it difficult to process. Additionally, the straws must be collected separately in large quantities before they are sent for recycling.⠀


Paper receipts

Receipts are often printed on shiny, thermal paper, which is not recyclable because they are coated with a substance called bisphenol A (BPA) or bisphenol S (BPS). Some banks now send you an email receipt, or give you the choice of whether to take a printed receipt.⠀


Pringles boxes

Pringles containers are very difficult to recycle because they combine five different materials including a metal base, tear-off foil top, a plastic lid, silver foil lining inside and a cardboard outer sleeve.⠀


Crisps packets

Chips packets can't be recycled because of the grease and crisp residue that clings to them. Try the scrunch test: if the item springs back into shape after you have scrunched it up, then it shouldn't be recycled.⠀


Cotton pads

Cotton pads are often blended with synthetic materials, such as polyester, so are impossible to recycle. If 100% cotton, they can be composted but only if they have not been used to remove make-up or with chemicals such as disinfectants.⠀


Sticky notes

Sticky notes cannot be recycled in most cases because the glue on the adhesive strip can't always be removed during the recycling process, so many centres refuse to accept them.⠀

Try to avoid these items as much as possible. It will help save the environment and it might save you a few hundred calories.

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