10 of the cutest cafes in Riyadh

Coffee, coffee and more coffee
10 of the cutest cafes in Riyadh
10 of the best cafes in Riyadh

We all love (or need) our morning coffee, but instead of just making up your flask at home this morning – Wait. Who are we kidding? We never do that. So instead, here are 10 cute cafes in Riyadh that serve excellent coffee, perfect for adding to your repertoire of morning coffee places!

Pandemic Coffee

The very aptly named Pandemic Coffee takes their coffee super serious, but don’t be scared, it’s also super fun! As well as the best iced coffees and cold drinks, they also a delicious menu of ‘brunchy’ items with some interesting (but not too wild) flavour pairings – the organic ginger granola on sweet potato and peanut butter smoothie is one to try!


Nabt Fenjan

If you’re looking for local speciality coffee then look no further! Nabt Fenjan brew some deliciously good coffee, the kind that will seriously keep you awake! They do an uh-mazing selection of cakes, and have a great selection for vegans too.



As the name may suggest, LESS is a minimalist vibe. Grab your drip/flat white/cold brew on your way to work or sit back and relax with the pistachio green tone cold drinks, perfect for anyone going for a pared back IG vibe. Very grid worthy.

My Life Coffee

Home of the original London Bites, this café has the perfect coffee accompaniments. These chocolate topped balls of fluffy heaven are the perfect sweet treat to team with your morning (or afternoon) cappuccino.


The Bench

A café with a super cool minimal aesthetic, The Bench is a great place to call in to grab your morning iced latte or bottled cold brew, but also a great place to escape the summer heat with your girlfriends and enjoy their new soft serve! Plus, as it’s topped with cornflakes and made with milk, we’re totally allowed to eat this soft serve as breakfast aren’t we?

Hex Café

Hex Café is another cute spot known for its super flavourful speciality coffee. Anything you fancy they’ll be able to whip it up here! We’re all about finding a window spot here to sit and watch the world go by with a rose latte.


Draft Café

“Draft, where you will always feel inspired!” – they’re not wrong! Get ready to enter pastel heaven with the best selection of iced coffee drinks (we’re looking at you Frappe Coconut Cream). They also stock the cutest selection of gift, home and lifestyle items, perfect for browsing for your bestie’s upcoming birthday whilst getting your daily caffeine fix!


Capri Café

A firm Riyadh favourite, this café is the first Saudi café to take you from the heart of Riyadh to the beauty of Capri! The coffee is excellent, and you can expect some cute fern-like milk art action on the top too. If you’re fancying something sweet on the side, try the pecan tart…


Magnolia Bakery

This is a café that always delivers… literally, you should see our Careem Now history! The coffee is nice, but let’s all be honest with ourselves: we’re here for the cupcakes! So get ready to dive head first into that delicious swirl of buttercream frosting!


Coffee Boxes

This café has a super dreamy selection of mugs and cups, so you know that whichever coffee you order is going to come in a super aesthetically pleasingly format! The vibe is relaxed and cosy, the perfect place to study, start a new novel or just catch up with a friend.