Love Island's Savanna Darnell on career advice, the music industry and veganism

From LI to the recording studio...
Love Island's Savanna Darnell on career advice, the music industry and veganism

Remember Savanna from Love Island Season 4? Well now she’s swapping Casa Amor for the recording studio ahead of the release of her latest track 200 Hours. We caught up with her to talk the music industry, life after Love Island and veganism.


Her latest track 200 Hours was inspired by a rough patch in her relationship, she tells us. When on a walk clearing her mind, she stumbled across a Jay Shetty podcast which was about how many hours it takes to be able to truly know someone. Savanna said it made her realise “to stop rushing in life and go with the journey”, and 200 Hours was born! She co-wrote it with her brother, Dario Younger Brigham Bowes, and says it’s “all about the time you spend with someone you love, and for you to not rush it. Take your time and be patient”.


We asked Savanna what her career advice would be for those hoping to crack the music industry; “to not take it too seriously” she says. She tells us she went through a “I HAVE TO MAKE IT, WHAT CAN I DO TO GET ON THE CHARTS, I NEED TO GET A NUMBER ONE HIT” phase, and stressed herself out. Once she took a step back and “went with the flow” she began to enjoy it more. Savanna tells us “It doesn’t matter if no one’s watching your YouTube videos at first or if no one’s listening to your music... you’re doing it because YOU love it. As soon as you realise that, you’ll start getting the numbers that you want, the streams, the views. Do it for yourself and don’t stress about it”.

Since being in Love Island, Savanna’s life has changed a *lot* over the last two years. “I learnt a lot about myself going on that show,” Savanna tells us, “I matured”. She also finds it really weird now getting noticed in the street. Post-LI Savanna found herself becoming more savvy on social media and YouTube and began doing influencing work, “it definitely changed my life and it’s definitely been a rollercoaster”.


Savanna also follows a vegan lifestyle, and has been since the start of the year. Savanna was vegan back in 2018 but started to eat fish again because she really missed sushi (we can totally relate!). She tells us “my skin started to get really bad so 2020 I decided to become vegan again, I lost loads of weight and my skin improved loads. So it was a great decision”.