This new sustainable UAE-based activewear brand makes clothes from recycled water bottles

Fashion meets sustainability meets philanthropy
This new sustainable UAE-based activewear brand makes clothes from recycled water bottles

Three words to know: The Giving Movement.

Everything your casual lewks could ever want rolled into one brand. Fashion-inspired sports and athleisurewear? Got it. A donation to UAE-based charities with every purchase? Yep. Sustainable fabrics created from recycled materials and crafted in the UAE? Tick.

Created by Dominic Nowell-Barnes, The Giving Movement (TGM) has been a year in the making. Dominic wanted to personally research and develop the sustainability, design and ethos of each product to ensure a completely transparent brand. Launched in the midst of the, you know, pandemic, TGM was designed to “create different choices” and to “disrupt” the market of how clothes are manufactured and how we consume them.

Calling all our eco-warriors: TGM uses *actually* sustainable fabrics. Pieces are made from recycled water bottles, organic bamboo and organic cotton (all independently certified as sustainable) are the main components of the collection. Each process has had super-in-depth research, ensuring “fair work conditions” from the very creation of the yarn. Exciting side note: over 90% of the collection is made in the UAE, expanding to 100% by the end of 2020!

TGM’s vision from the outset has been “to create a brand that could give back”. They teamed up with Dubai Cares and Harmony House as they were “charities [they] could trust” and help the “people most in need in the world”. $4 from every garment purchased going direct to these charities and they have already given $4,000 (Dhs14.6k) in just a couple of weeks!

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The anti-fast-fashion brand has super-exciting future plans too. Releasing collections seasonally as fashion houses do, the second season coming later this year is also going to include more inclusive sizing. TGM wants to “continue to grow in the UAE market” with future plans to “replicate the model in Saudi, the US and the UK”.

With a women’s, men’s and modest collection all available in a dreamy colour palette, this brand really understands having something for everyone. As for our basket, the Organic Bamboo Joggers and Recycled Active Boyfriend T-Shirt have WFH vibes written all over it…

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