If you're not into the cute bucket hat trend, you're not paying attention

Who knew fisherman chic would actually become a thing?
If you're not into the cute bucket hat trend, you're not paying attention
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Something that went from 0 to 100 real fast: Bucket hats. During fashion month, that same style used to protect fishermen (and basically everyone in the '90s) from the sun, is now a showstopper and THE secret weapon to instantly turning any outfit into a winner. Editors, influencers, and celebs wore them constantly as they took in the shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. If you're not sure how to feel about the style, just take a peek at what's going on below.

Tons of people were out there sporting Prada's version of the design.

And other brands—like Eric Javits—are on board too.

You can find one in legit any material. Like, how cute is this corduroy one?

Early trend adopter, Bella Hadid, seems to have one in every style, including this fuzzy one.

And friends are breaking that unwritten rule (no wearing the same exact thing on the same day) all for the love of these little cuties.

As someone who is easily influenced and can never say no to any trend, you will definitely see me in a bucket hat pretty soon, especially since I'm always looking for a bad-hair-day lifesaver. Feel me? Check out some of my faves, below.

All The Cute Bucket Hats For Ya, Right Here


Bermuda Bucket Hat               Leopard Bucket Hat                   Raffia Bucket Hat

Kangol                                        Ganni                                            Helen Kaminski

nordstorm.com                          nordstorm.com                             nordstorm.com

 Dhs60                                          Dhs310                                         Dhs200

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Vinyl Bucket Hat                    Pearl Bucket Hat                     Straw Bucket Hat

Topshop                                   Jennifer Behr                              Sensi Studio

nordstorm.com                         net-a-porter.com                         net-a-porter.com

 Dhs40                                      Dhs580                                        Dhs400

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Le Bob Artichaut Hat




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