The 9 Most Instagrammable Places In Dubai

Guaranteed to get those likes coming!
The 9 Most Instagrammable Places In Dubai

From Winnie Harlow to Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, everyone's got an Insta-worthy shot of Dubai and have been posting some seriously awesome pics! Feeling the FOMO yet? It’s time to up your own Gram: go to town with your squad and hunt down these spots for the perfect shot.

1. La Mer

Everyone loves good food by the sea. Combine that with stunning street art and you get La Mer. The open-air mall by the beach, in Jumeirah 1, just opened last year and has quickly become THE hot spot on the block. Artsy murals and swinging palm trees create the perfect backdrop for envy-inducing selfies. Perf LA vibes in Dubai.

I am not bossy, I’m just the Boss. Pink Thinking

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2. Miracle Garden

Step into this magical flower garden and make all your fairy dreams come true! An outdoor garden packed with 100 million (!!!!) fresh blooming flowers artistically arranged, to create a Disney-esque fairy tale, it has become the go-to spot for every Influencer coming to Dubai. Dress in your prettiest Boho gear and enchant your followers with some magical snaps.

The miracle garden of Dubai #VisitDubai

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Look like you're on your way to Wonderland!

This flower Teddy *gasp*, now that's a Valentine's Day gift every girl deserves.

Stop and smell the flowers #VisitDubai • Anzeige

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3. City Walk

Catch urban city vibes in the heart of Downtown Dubai and spend your next Saturday night at City Walk to get stunning night life shots of the colourfully- lit outdoor mall. Strategically placed water plains make incredible mirror effect pictures! Plus, you can explore hidden wall art around every corner.

Those reflections!


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We sure love Dubai

We couldn't think of any better snap for a casual #OOTD.

4. Ailuromania Cat Café

What’s the fastest way to someone’s heart (and a ton of likes)? Food and cute animals. Hands up if you’re guilty of spending way too much time looking at cute cat videos and procastinating…..*whole Cosmo squad raises hands* The Ailuromania Cat Café in Umm Suqeim 2 is the perf place to relax, cuddle and sip a Cappuccino. And just think of all the possible puns!

“Hey hooman , whatcha doin’?”

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Cat-ffeine and this cuddles!

Throwback to when @haifashionrebel bonded with Sticky!

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Forget cat lady, we'd rather be a Cat Woman! Miao.  

Cattuccino Photo credit: @nooniihk

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5. The Yard

The ecological farm-inspired place is still largely unknown, making it the perfect place for a unique snap that isn’t mainstream. Artsy murals, lush veggie and fruit gardens and a three-meter windmill make for one-of-a-kind pictures in Dubai.

THE BEST PART: A Love Lock Bridge, just like in Paris!!!

#theyarddubai #dubai #mydubai #lockbridge #dxb

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Love the local touch.

 L'amour (love)!

6. Dubai Creek

Dubai old town is so trendy, even Dolce&Gabbana shot there! Fill your storyline with exotic local pics, showing Dubai’s culture. The Dubai Creek is where everything began, fishers, pearl divers and traders. Capture the authentic souk feel with images straight from 1001 Nights.

You can almost smell the spices.

7. Last Exit 

Get ready for some Mad Max action! The Last Exit is a food truck stop just outside of Dubai with a savage theme. Put on your scavenger, Femme Fatale look and head out for a seriously action powered shoot, and yummy lunch after. 

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Get your mad on.

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8. Wafi Mall 

A true hidden gem in the heart of Dubai, the Wafi Mall gives us all the ancient Egypt feels and lets us live out our Cleopatra dreams. And they have amazing tiles for that perf #shoefie.

Hello improv photo shoot!

9. The Desert 

Did you really visit Dubai if you haven’t got at least a gazillion pics in the dessert? Nothing is more stunning than the endless desert dunes and the Dubai sun with you right in the middle of it!


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Even Winnie Harlow can't resist the call of the desert. 

Go on a desert safari for the full Bedouin experience!