Some Of The Most Iconic Fashion Moments of 2019

They're called iconic for a reason
Some Of The Most Iconic Fashion Moments of 2019

Each year, fashion designers show us that they won't stop creating jaw-dropping, head-turning, neck-breaking, iconic fashion looks and 2019 was no exception. This year, whether it was on the red carpet or in the streets, celebs definitely came through dripping. We've narrowed down some of this year's most iconic looks.

Cardi B in Richard Quinn

This is definitely Cardi's most experimental looks till date. She shows that she isn't scared to take fashion risks (I couldnt't even if I tried to) and we applaud her for that. 

Halima Aden in Narces

Who says you can't ahve shimmery eyes and a sparkly dress in one look? Halima looked regal in this head-to-toe glittery ensemble. Everythings was working together from the make-up, to the belt and the scarf, and she looks timeless.

Timothée Chalamet in Haider Ackerman

Since he broke out in 2017, Timothée has always experimented with his looks. Normally, men wear the boring blue or black tux with a tie, but he is also super stylish and intentional with his looks. 

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

This genius look was the highlight of the 2019 Met Ball and we will never forget it. What seemed like one ball gown, turned into three differnt red carpet looks as Lady Gaga gradually enveiled each dress.

Jared Leto in Gucci

If you thought that you couldn't get enough of one Jared Leto, he made sure to bring an extra one. This look is hands down the most interesting and unexpected look to the met ball. 

Celine Dion in Max Mara

Why color block when you can have a turquoise party? If you ever find yourself freezing in New York, wear a $5,000 turquoise coat, a $600 turquoise skirt and hang a matching fuzzy fanny bag over your neck. I'm pretty sure you'll feel like Celine Dion.

J-Lo in Versace

First of aalll...she's serving legs for days!! Nobody expected this dress to make a comeback, we thought that it could never look better than it was when J-Lo wore it in 2000, but I guess second time can be a charm.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Valentino

This woman is never over-dressed, every other person is just under-dressed. I remeber just falling inlove with this look, everything was on point. Bright pink ball gown and orange eye colour, but there was a contrast with her hair in a bun and minimal jewellry. This look is timeless! 

Michelle Obama in Balenciaga

Is there really a list if I don't include the incredible Michelle Obama in these sparkly Balenciaga boots? In this $4000 boots, she rendered all other lewks irrelevant thanks to a pair of sparkly gold thigh-high boots. She looked chic and quite frankly, unapologetic. I'll try to get over this look in 2021.