Everyone Needs To Listen To These Podcasts In 2020

Talk about girl power...
Everyone Needs To Listen To These Podcasts In 2020

There are people who listen to music at any given opportunity and there’s me, I listen to podcasts at any given opportunity. Whether I’m cleaning (btw the vacuum is louder) or commuting, I love receiving information about empowerment, history or self-development. Here, I've narrowed down the best podcasts (in my opinion) that everyone needs to get on in 2020. 

Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham sits down with celebrities and they discuss their life experiences. I find most of the advice valuable esp for youths.

Caught off Guard with Patricia bright

The Youtube mogul has added another title to her portfolio. This woman is all about self-development, money management and female empowerment. She has guests from different careers talk about growth, personal challenges and careers. No one should sleep on this one!

 Stuff Mum Never Told You

Hosts Anney and Samantha discuss different aspects of women’s experiences from feminism to gender liberation to time managemet and what being a woman means today.

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Yes!!!!@recipesforselflove (@get_regrann) - Society tells us to ignore our differences or even that our differences don’t exist, when in truth, interrogating our differences is essential in better understanding how to bring about change. Our battle against oppressive power structures must be informed by the lived experiences of those different from us. We need poor, BIPOC, LQBTQ+, disabled people to lead us into a new world, one reimagined and far from the white supremacist capitalist, patriarchal, framework we may think we need to work within. . . . #recipesforselflove #support #love #instalove #quotesdaily #quotes #selflove #selfcare #loveyourself #smashthepatriarchy #lgbtq #lifestyle #bookstagrammer #bookstagram #feminism #lifestyle #lifestyle #blm #feminsta #feminist #zine #illustration #digital #drawing #book #design #graphic #art #instagood #yourself

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Girls Talk Too Much with Lindsey and Ali 

The hosts discuss everything pop culture. They give their (mostly unrequested) opinions on everything Gen Z from love to anxiety to girl boss.

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hands up if you needed this today

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This is more like a history class on the birth of America. It is by far the most powerful and fascinating podcast I’ve listened to. It give accounts of the events that made America was it is known to be. Hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones.