Watch Mariah Carey Literally Throw Out Cheap Christmas Decor During Our ‘Expensive Taste Test‘

TBH, I get it.
Watch Mariah Carey Literally Throw Out Cheap Christmas Decor During Our ‘Expensive Taste Test‘

Sound the horns because the Queen of Christmas is upon us and has joined Cosmo for an episode of our *hit* series: Expensive Taste Test. You know how it goes (at least I expect you to...), a celeb plays a lil game where we present them with two items and they have to guess which product is worth more cash money than the other. It’s probably not shocking to you when I say that Mariah Carey sleighed our bells and blew us away with her bougie sixth sense. And she might have, sorta, kinda, changed up the game entirely and made it her own?

For the first round, we gave Mimi two kinds of holiday stockings—one very cheap and one not so much. First things first, she wasn’t really into either one, buuut she did inform us that she would never choose a stocking based on its price! She has a classic taste for the timeless decor, you know, just like the rest of us plebs. She did end up getting the point because she chose the pricier one though, she chose only based on what she liked best, therefore pretty much changing the game to: What Mariah Carey Does and Doesn’t Like.

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Next we came to Santa hats! She wasn’t a fan of either ones either and had a tough time choosing which one she liked the most but couldn’t even come to a solid conclusion because they just weren’t up to par. We can confirm though that Mariah Carey prefers low-priced lights and wreaths over costly ones. You heard it here, folks!

Even though she may have tweaked the rules to the game and we possibly just threw her points because she’s our queen, she’ll always be our baby. Is that weird? Ugh, well, this was all we wanted for Christmas and we’re glad we got it early! I’ll Stop! With! The! Song! Puns!

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