We've Found The Perfect Skincare Gift For This Holiday Season

The gift that keeps on giving...
We've Found The Perfect Skincare Gift For This Holiday Season

It's no secret that holiday shopping is quite the task - trying to guess what to gift my friends and siblings is like trying to solve an equation. Thankfully, FOREO is stepping in with the perfect holiday gift - the facial-cleansing FOREO LUNA 3. Who doesn't appreciate the gift of perfect skin? 

FOREO LUNA 3 is the cute-but-powerful multi-tasking beauty tool that will change your skincare routine forever - and the routine of your loved ones, too. The gentle silicone bristles clear out the nasty build-up of dirt your face collects throughout the day, and it'll leave you with the cleanest, smoothest skin ever. It couldn't be easier to use, either. All you have to do is connect your LUNA 3 to the FOREO FOR YOU app via bluetooth, choose the programme you want to use, and you're good to go.

If you're concerned about how FOREO's LUNA 3 might work with different skin types, don't stress; whether you have sensitive skin, normal skin or combination skin, there are options to suit your specific needs. LUNA 3 doesn't only deeply cleanse your pores, but it also offers firming massage functions to lift, firm and sculpt. You can choose between 4 massage programmes, each of which target different concerns and areas on your face, such as sensitive eye area, face contour, jawline or neck.

If you really want to achieve maximum results (and who doesn't?) then pair your LUNA 3 with the FOREO micro-foam cleanser; together they can conquer any skin woe. Plus, they're basically BFFs, and you wouldn't want to split that up, right? The super-gentle cleanser removes impurities while nourishing the skin with naturally hydrating skin-friendly ingredients, making it a great match for everyone, no matter your skin type. Pro tip: add the micro-foam cleanser to the LUNA 3 to create the cutest gift set for your best friends this festive season.

If you're feeling extra generous, why not throw in the FOREO SERUM SERUM SERUM? The micro-capsules deeply penetrate the skin, rejuvenating your complexion and smoothing stubborn wrinkles. The magical formula is also super-hydrating, and you can use it alongside the micro-foam cleanser for maximum impact.

Honestly guys, if you're not sure about the holiday present to gift your friends, FOREO has you sorted. It's affordable and skincare is a necessity for everyone. Create your own skincare bundle with the SERUM SERUM SERUM, Micro-Foam Cleanser and LUNA 3, and your friends will be thanking you throughout 2020 and beyond.

To get started, visit the FOREO website here.