PSA: How To Study When You REALLY Don’t Want To

Welcome to September y'all!
PSA: How To Study When You REALLY Don’t Want To

We’ve all been there. You have a really important assignment due and you have a mental block. Or you have a major test coming up and you keep doing anything to avoid studying.

I understand. Personally, I love learning. I just hate the constant homework, assignments, exams or any reminder that we’re being forced to learn. Nobody likes that.

So here are some tips for studying, especially when you really, really, really don’t feel like doing it. Thank me later. 

1. Keep your eye on the prize

What’s your dream school or career? Would you like to go Harvard? Would you like to get a  PHD? Is your dream career becoming a CEO? Those are all fantastic goals. Find the motivation by reminding yourself what you’re working towards. Imagine yourself learning in your ideal environment, doing your dream job. Whatever makes you excited about learning- take the fuel from those day dreams and use it to fan the flames for your love of learning.

2. Treat every single class like it’s your absolute fave

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you couldn't care less about the subject (physics, anyone?). Or if you feel like you have the worst teacher in the world. You have the privilege and opportunity to learn anything and everything and we should never take that for granted. Treat maths like it’s your favourite subject ever, even when trigonometry is killing you. But how? It’s quite simple, stop procrastinating. Make a fun study group with friends, trap yourself in your room/library/coffee shop until you just finish one problem set, just START SOMEWHERE. Chances are, when you see other people being productive in That Subject, you’ll want to do it too.

3. Eat, sleep and live

You HAVE to STOP killing yourself to excel at school. Your other responsibilities and chores aren’t going to disappear. There’s always going to be tasks you have to accomplish and things (or people) that might stress you out. But, stress, school and assignments are not excuses to abandon self-care, friendships and having a social life. Go out with your friends! Go to the movies! Get the important stuff done and stop worrying about the endless list! Having somewhere to go will motivate you finish faster and you will definitely feel much better after going out and having fun than sitting at home alone procrastinating. You will probably feel more energised to get the work done.

4. Pay attention to your body

It's important to eat lots of healthy food to feed your brain. STOP snacking on Cheetos every time you study and start learning to fuel your brain and body. If you know you can’t eat a full breakfast before class, slurp something simpler like a homemade smoothie. Measure your water intake, your coffee intake, your soda intake.

On top of food tracking, also keep track of your mood, productivity and overall wellbeing. At the end of the week, see what’s up! Look for patterns, dehydration, food inconsistencies, unhealthy food you eat. Basically anything you want to change. Then MAKE THE CHANGES.

5. Drink more water

*I know I sound like the mum friend but that’s who I am*

It is very important to keep hydrated. It will definitely make you feel better and your brain will thank you, honestly. 


PSA: How To Study When You REALLY Don’t Want To
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PSA: How To Study When You REALLY Don’t Want To
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PSA: How To Study When You REALLY Don’t Want To
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