How Moving Away Improved My Relationship With My Parents

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?
How Moving Away Improved My Relationship With My Parents
Shanai Tanwar -

As any teenager would know, angst is like, part of the 'young adult' starter-pack.

The identity crisis of high school aka what clique do I fit into, nobody understands me?! and the constant confusion of 'how the heck do I get rid of this pimple' are all too familiar to y'all, right?

Added to that, you basically fight with your parents about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

Many of my friends experienced a similar issue growing up. You're not always gonna feel like you get along with the fam, particularly because it seems like they wanna tie you down with rules and just can't be cool about anything. 

For a long time my relationship with my parents felt rly strained and I honestly was super stoked to get to uni (where I'd be 17 hours away from them).

No curfew, finally! Obvs there's gonna be a lot of sadness to say bye too, but the prospect of that freedom is low-key exciting. 

Once I got to uni, spread my wings, and then got to reflect on my relationship with my parents, I was surprised at what I saw. Our relationship had improved so much over the past year. Here's what happened. 

1. When you go off to uni, you're not going to have the comfort of having your mum worrying over you and constantly trying to feed you. What seems annoying at home becomes what you miss most when you gotta live independently. It teaches you to be more grateful for her support in your life. For me, it made me fall in love with my mum all over again because I realised she does so many things for the family that I struggle to independently do just for myself.

2. Also because you're gonna be BUSY trying to settle into a new place, make new friends, even adjust to a new timezone, ANY feeling of home is SO welcome.

I can't even tell you how relieved I get everytime I see a text or call from the fam on our group chat. You're going to be super excited to tell them all about your life away, and to see how everything's happening back home. 

3. The time away also makes you value your parents so much more.

You get excited to get messages from them, those weekly phone or video calls become LYF and you realise how much you enjoy actually talking to these people you call Mum and Dad. 

4. Lastly, this is what helped my relationship with my parents the most - that I made them my best-friends. You're gonna struggle to find solid footing for a while in uni and you're not gonna find a BFF on the first day (at least I didn't).

Soooo that's when you gotta call home, speak to mum and fill her in on the tea. I've called my mum to tell her about that cute boy in my Spanish class, or that rly hot new top at Urban Outfitters. You're gonna trust them so much more when they're the only link you have to home while you're still mingling with strangers. Make your parents your besties, y'all! And the distance won't feel like much when they know the whole tea on your life.

And the final step? Giving them a FAT hug at the airport, because y'all missed out on a whole year worth of laughs and mems :)

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