Umm, Why Did Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Dress Up As Bananas

And have they actually gone bananas?
Umm, Why Did Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Dress Up As Bananas

This month, we saw Joe Jonas (member of the recently reunited Jonas Brothers trio) get hitched to Game Of Thrones’ actress, Sophie Turner in the most conventional but cutest of ways.

The couple always go above and beyond to show us just how wacky and crazy they are. And, just when we think we’ve got them all figured out, they do something that makes us realise we “know nothing”.

You’d think they’d be busy getting ready for tour, or planning their summer wedding in France or bracing themselves for the final epic episode of Game of Thrones…

But no. Here’s what they’ve actually been doing:


Yep, they're dressed as bananas with no further explanation than Joe's caption which reads, "Caption this please" which a banana emoji. 

We're at a loss for words with this pair. At least they have each other, right? 

Some loyal fans listened to Joe and provided captions for his ridiculous post:

Some were downright genius:

And some had us in our feels:

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